new add.

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tts the new one


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in case you hadn’t known yet. this blog has been changed 😀

im so stupid

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lullabies for little criminals.

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damn i am the criminal

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i realised something today, i cant believe that i didn’t know this about myself previously haha. oh wells, i think i hate most girls.

ok not hate, i find myself not able to like a girl very easily, my basic emotion for  girl is not ‘like’, so if my first impression of her is bad, then that’s the end. i knew some girls recently, just incase they can come upon this (which is highly unlikely), i shall not specify who they are. they made me realise why i do not like girls so much, clingy, whiny, selfish, act-chio, act-cute, i think i saw all in one today. and i was so turned off. and then i thought of my own friends, truthfully i have v few girl friends, but friends whom im proud of, who are independent, sensitive, diligent, classy, sophicated ladies. not a bunch of wannabes.

it’s so hard to find a girl, any girl whom i can say “how i wish i can be like her”, ok set aside hollywood stars or business elites la. i realise the last time i made a good female friend was almost 2.5 yrs ago. amazing.

when i say i think i like guys more than girls as friends, its not that im flirty, or trying to gain attention, but i there are so maany things i hate about girls. i know i myself am not a very ‘girl-ly’ kind of girl, to some extent i think like guys, behaves like one too at time,  good or bad for u to judge. but today suddenly i missed the making of a new girl friend, maybe it was me who was being too cold and kept shunning people away and came up with lame excuses to keep them out of my circle. but i dunno how to like a person when something abt her just irritates me so much.

tts why i wanna treasure my girl friends now, cus they are in one way or another my role models. also looking forward to the next better player, haha.


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havent talked to my mom for 2 days. she just slams the door right in front of my face and that was the last i heard of her.

she just left early for work again, im all alone at home tonight. not for the first time, but strangely the first time ever that it felt this quiet.